If you want to learn more about my freelancing abilities, here are some great articles I have written online! I will continue to keep this page up to date with new content as I publish more content online.


10 Best Slack HR Apps to Build an Amazing Team


For this post, I worked with the team at Aventr to share their Slack app, plus nine others so that human resources departments could find the best apps for their communication on Slack. Slack can do SO much more than you know IF you have the right apps to go along with it.


10 Employee Engagement Statistics in 2017 You Can’t Afford to Ignore


This is one of my most shared articles for Aventr. In this article, I compiled ten employee engagement statistics from sources such as Gallup, Glassdoor, Career Cast, and Virgin Pulse. With these stats, I was able to create a stellar article that gives employee engagement statistics and broader context. This post was also later turned into an infographic by the Aventr team.


5 Inspiring TED Talks about Employee Engagement


In this post for Aventr, I share five amazing TED Talks and the messages they share about how to create engaged employees.


Top Workplace Incentives Your Employees Actually Want


In this post for Aventr, I detail some of the most important employee incentives you can offer such as work/life balance, staff development, student loan assistance, and so much more.


How To Attract And Retain Quality Employees

Amanda Cross Co.

In this article, I discuss everything you need to know about how to attract and retain the best employees for your company. Hiring is expensive, so you need to focus on hiring the best talent possible!


Your Candidates Are Too Nervous, Here’s What You Can Do About It


In this post for ConveyIQ, I talk all about the applicant journey, interviews, and how video interviews can inpsire confidence in your applicants.