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Fifteen Effective Human Resources Blog Post Topics

As you all know by now, one of my favorite areas to write content for is human resources. I started my love affair with human resources content last year when I wrote a few pieces for the excellent company, Aventr, which is an employee engagement Slack integration. Since then I have written content for a couple of different companies in the HR world (and I am always looking for more HR clients whether you are an HR tech company, HR expert, or something in between. Check out my hire me page for my services and contact me for more information.)

Today, I wanted to delve deeper into this world of human resources by offering 15 human resources blog post topics that you can tackle on your website today. I hope these topics get your brain churning for what posts you could write on your blog.

Let’s get started!

Fifteen Effective Human Resources Blog Post Topics | Are you a #HumanResources company looking for content for your blog? Check out these fifteen effective blog topics that will show your HR authority while being interesting articles for your follower's to devour. #ContentMarketing #BusinessBlogging

1. X Tips For More Effective Group Meetings

We have all gone to one of those meetings that could have been an email. That's never a fun experience for anyone involved. Running a useful meeting is a learning curve that we all have to face if we want to be taken seriously by employees. This post will break down how to have an effective group meeting so you can showcase your experience running meetings that everyone loves to attend.

Thought Starters:

  • How to create an agenda for the meeting, so people know what's happening.

  • Don't host meetings just because it is tradition, have a reason for the meeting.

  • Make sure everyone knows proper meeting protocol so you have civil meetings where you can get through things without talking over people.

2. X Cheap Snacks You Can Stock For The Best Office Kitchen Ever

A perk that many offices are investing in is the food in office kitchens. You don't have to supply anyone's full lunch, but having a few snacks around the office like chips and granola bars never hurt anyone. Share some cheap office snacks you love stocking in the cabinets or fridge at your job. Extra points if you can link directly to where people can purchase the snacks.

Thought Starters:

  • Create a few different categories in your snacks post. (For example: Snacks Under $5 per serving, Snacks $5-$10 per serving, etc.)

  • Get over people's possible complaints about stocking snacks. Talk about the importance of snacking throughout the day on productivity and health.

  • Think about allergies and alternative diets. Either steer away from snacks with gluten, nuts, etc. or mark them. You may also want a section for vegetarian or vegan snack options.

3. How To Incorporate A Flexible Work Week Without Losing Productivity

Many companies are experimenting with four-day work weeks or work from home arrangements. These can be an extremely beneficial perk, but there is fear around losing productivity in these flexible schedules. Create a blog post about the best ways to be a flexible employer while prioritizing productivity.

Thought Starters

  • What have you done to prepare your workers for a flexible work week? Be sure to include this advice in the article.

  • There are so many different types of flexible work weeks. Be sure that you give lots of examples of how this flexibility could come to fruition in the workplace.

  • How do you measure productivity to make sure it stays consistent? What would you tell other employers about measurement and keeping tabs on workers without micromanaging?

4. X Signs You Are An Awful Boss (& How To Become A Boss People Admire)

There are many blogs addressed to employees on how to spot a bad boss, but there are far fewer blogs on how to tell if you are a terrible boss. I like this topic idea because it not only shares some signs that the reader is a bad boss, but it shows them how to fix it, or at least become a more admired boss. Most people don't set out to become a lousy boss, but over time work effects them. Set the record straight on what makes people a great boss so we can have more awesome managers in the world.

Thought Starters:

  • Tell a story! We have all had a bad boss in the past. Let the reader know how it is working under a bad boss and let them see the flipside of their behavior.

  • Share statistics. Working under a tyrant or a bully is no fun and can have real side effects. If the boss cares about the company, they should turn around quickly.

  • Stop sugarcoating. Don't yell at the reader, but be honest. This is no time to soften the blow. Sometimes you have to be stern with your readers and give them the information their workers may have been too afraid to share.

5. X Reasons People Aren't Taken You Seriously As A Leader

Being a new leader is frustrating. Each team you lead is different, and there isn't exactly a handbook on being the best leader ever. For most new leaders, there is a long road of trial and error ahead. Shed some light for new leaders and share with them how to be taken seriously as a leader, especially when they are young.

Thought Starters:

  • Share some things that take away from your credibility as a leader. What should new leaders be looking out for?

  • What's one simple trick that new leaders can do to be taken seriously? There are no shortcuts in life, but if you have any quick suggestions, that's always awesome.

  • What has your transformation been like? We have all been young before, so if you have a story of how you transformed from a fresh-faced, young leader to one who was taken seriously, that's a definite plus for the article.

Fifteen Effective Human Resources Blog Post Topics | Are you a #HumanResources company looking for content for your blog? Check out these fifteen effective blog topics that will show your HR authority while being interesting articles for your follower's to devour. #ContentMarketing #BusinessBlogging

6. How To Set Your Office Up For Productivity While Showcasing Your Personality

Whenever I get a new office, one of my favorite things to do is decorate my new space. You can tell a lot about a person by how they decorate their office, and when I worked as a graduate assistant, one of my favorite things to do was to see how my professors decorated their office. Trinkets are cool, but you still need to get work done in your office (as that's what it's for.) How do you balance between a quirky space to showcase your personality and a productive office?

Thought Starters:

  • How much quirk is too much quirk? Should you keep office decoration to a minimum or become a part-time interior decorator?

  • What things in your office make it the most productive? What couldn't you live without when it comes to getting work done daily?

  • Should employers provide a decorating budget for employees? Do you think this could have a positive impact on closeness to work?

7. X Inexpensive Ways To Celebrate Office Birthdays

Ahh, the office birthday! I never pass up an opportunity for cake, and I am sure most people feel the same. It can be difficult to celebrate everyone's birthday though. This post would go in-depth on celebrating so you can transform office birthdays from a money suck into a celebration that everyone's excited about.

Thought Starters:

  • What tools do you use to remember everyone's birthday? Do you opt for Facebook stalking, a Slack integration like BirthdayBot, or do you look at employee forms when they apply to your job?

  • When do you celebrate office birthdays? All at once during one day a month or do you create smaller celebrations?

  • Do you get anything for workers celebrating birthdays or do you bring some food into the office?

8. The #1 Thing That Helped Us Cut Our Employee Turnover Rate

Employee turnover is the absolute worst. The cost of continuously hiring and onboarding new employees can be detrimental to growing businesses. You may not have all the answers, but doing a deep dive on one thing you did to reduce employee turnover would be fantastic.

People love a quick win. You can use this same quick win blog post method to talk about other topics like increasing employee engagement, onboarding new employees, or getting your office finances in order.

Thought Starters:

  • How much does your method of cutting employee turnover rates cost? If this is something that didn't take any money at all, you have to share that with the world on your blog!

  • Statistics are key. Your readers don't need all the receipts but paint them a story they can hold on to as they read your post.

  • Get some quotes from people in your office that show how this method worked on them. Don't just tell the audience, show the audience that your approach is incredible. This is the only method you are discussing in this blog post, after all.

9. X Things You Should Look For In Any Job Candidate

It seems like there is a never-ending stream of job candidates out there. Some have all the right qualifications on paper, but when you meet them in real life, something seems off. Many employers are leaning toward hiring people who work well with others over people who have all the right skills. Shed a little light about how you hire. What are the things you require of your potential employees?

Thought Starters:

  • Give some examples: Show how your hiring practices have manifested in real life. Don't use real names of course and change some details to keep everyone safe!

  • Acknowledge that skill is at least somewhat relevant. It's not always the primary factor, but a person who hasn't gone to school for medicine won't become a doctor in a hospital.

  • Keep the list short, but go in-depth on each part of the list. You don't have to share everything you look for, but don't be afraid to share some details.

10. How To Be A Stellar Team Player In The Office Even If You Are Not A Morning Person

There are two types of people in the world: people who are naturally chipper in the morning, and everyone else. Unless you have an extremely flexible job, one of the downsides of an office job is the morning commute and waking up extra early to be on time. We all need advice on how to be a little more excited in the morning. Share the secrets you or your officemates use to becoming a morning person (or at least sort of a morning person.)

Thought Starters:

  • What does your morning ritual like? Do you do certain things every day? How did you develop this routine?

  • If you are not a morning person, how do you combat your tendencies, so you get work done in the morning?

  • What advice would you give to people who have to wake up extra early, like commuters, who need to have some quick and productive wins in the morning?

Fifteen Effective Human Resources Blog Post Topics | Are you a #HumanResources company looking for content for your blog? Check out these fifteen effective blog topics that will show your HR authority while being interesting articles for your follower's to devour. #ContentMarketing #BusinessBlogging

11. How To Get Your Team Out Of A Creative Rut

There are many benefits to creativity in the workplace, especially when your team is tasked with pitching current and potential clients. Even the most creative people run into roadblocks every blue moon. When that happens, it's essential to have a few tricks up your sleeve for dealing with ruts. This post will help many managers lead their teams to victory when it comes to creativity.

Thought Starters:

  • Focus on a variety of ways to get your team out of a creative rut. Your first suggestion may be to switch up your space, but what if you don't have the flexibility or money to make that happen? Think about tips to help a variety of businesses.

  • Be a little scientific. Don't be afraid to summarize some psychological research on creativity. Your readers will love that you aren't focused solely on anecdotes.

  • Take your reader's on a journey. Sympathize with them. Show them how creative ruts have played out in your company and truly paint a picture for your audience while giving them the keys to solving ruts in their office.

12. Should Your Company Take A Stand On Political Issues?

We are living in incredibly divisive times. Often it's easy for bigger companies to take a political stand, while small businesses are left high and dry because they need all of the current customers they can get. How do you walk the line between standing up for what you believe in and getting customers to come through the door?

Thought Starters:

  • Share your thoughts and experiences. How has taking a stand (or not taking a stand) affected your bottom line?

  • What is one thing that companies can do to take a stand without alienating the other side? Is it possible to take a position without alienation now?

  • Who is taking a stand the right way? Do a little case study on companies big and small who are taking a stand without damaging the brand they have built.

13. X Tips For Managing Diversity In The Workplace Without Tokenism

Ah, diversity, something companies love to add in their mission statement. Often companies who claim to be diverse, though, lack in many ways that would make them genuinely diverse. One person of color or one woman on your board does not make you diverse. When diversity comes in such small doses, it's easy for those people to become tokens. Has your business truly focused on diversity initiatives? Well, share your expertise with the world! Many companies and leaders truly need to read your insights. For example, look at this wonderful article from HBR about what this company learned from creating a diverse workplace.

Thought Starters:

  • Think about diversity dynamically. Yes, it can be about adding people of color to your workplace, but there are so many other types of diversity to consider. Diversity in gender, thought, income background, school background, etc.

  • Are there some thought leaders on diversity that you can turn to? Look for people who have talked about how diversity shaped their office and share their quotes in your article.

  • Be open about the process. Truly investing in diversity initiatives might make some people in your company upset, and you need to be honest about potential backlash.

14. X Mistakes All New Companies/Startups Make & How To Learn From Them

We all make mistakes. Starting a company on your own can be intimidating and lonely. Small businesses can make a significant impact on the economy, though, so it's important to make sure that more small businesses are thriving. Share your mistakes, how to learn from them, or even how to avoid them entirely in this post.

Thought Starters:

  • Appeal to your reader. We have all heard the same lessons from our parents throughout our lives, but for some reason, it was like we were destined to make the same mistakes. Show your readers about why they shouldn't make these mistakes.

  • Be honest about the cost of these mistakes. Did you lose a grant, a year of your business, or did you get in trouble with the government? Include the negative consequences that lead you to know that these mistakes were more than just minor mishaps.

  • If you share other people's mistakes, don't make it cliche. Name them, get quotes, and point to an actual person versus just a buddy you knew. It's hard to appeal to your readers if you aren't forthcoming with the examples you are using.

15. X Perks You Can Offer Your Employees That Won’t Break The Bank

One of the first human resources articles I ever wrote was talking about the trend of the "open office" as something that employers offered employees. In this article, I chatted about how this goes far beyond an open floor plan and cool office perks and instead references the transparency that workers want. Yes, ping pong tables are cool, but to be honest, there are many more perks that employees actually want such as a clear pathway to success in your company or work/life balance.

You could spend thousands of dollars on office perks your employees might love, or you could work on the ones your employees genuinely want and need. Share your thoughts on how you can work with employees to create office perks that are truly spectacular.

Thought Starters:

  • Keep your list small. When it comes to a list like this when you are trying to avoid breaking the bank, the more perks you add, the more suspicious your list becomes. There aren't honestly 20 perks you can offer that won't break the bank. Try to focus on the BEST perks and keep your list under 5!

  • What are/were your favorite perks of your job? Dig deep to think about the ones that had the biggest impact on your career and life. Write about those in this article.

  • Implementation is key. Focus on advising your readers on how they can implement these perks in their offices, not just talk about them.

Fifteen Effective Human Resources Blog Post Topics | Are you a #HumanResources company looking for content for your blog? Check out these fifteen effective blog topics that will show your HR authority while being interesting articles for your follower's to devour. #ContentMarketing #BusinessBlogging


What a journey we have been on today! Human resources is a great topic to discuss online. We can all learn from each other so that we can build a future we can all be proud of. I know that you have the power to create a workforce that is happy, healthy, and diverse in thought.

What was your favorite human resources topic we discussed today?

I have SO many more HR blog ideas so you can look out for a part two coming out on the blog in the next few months.