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5 Workplace Culture Blogs You Need To Follow

I am all about workplace culture over here. As a freelance writer for human resources technology companies, I often write about company culture and employee engagement. When I am writing this content, I am always looking for new inspiration. I turn to these blogs often for that. If you are interested in workplace culture, keep reading for my favorite blogs!

5 Workplace Culture Blogs You Need To Follow | Are you looking for new inspiration in the workplace culture space? Today on the blog, I am sharing 5 of my favorite workplace culture blogs that you can add to your blog reader of choice right this minute! #HumanResources #HRTech #WorkplaceCulture #CompanyCulture

1) Buffer’s Open Blog

Buffer Open Blog | 5 Workplace Culture Blogs You Need To Follow

If you are not following Buffer’s Open blog, what are you doing? The Buffer Open blog is seriously one of the best blogs you can read if you are interested in workplace culture and employee engagement. Buffer is so open about everything from employee pay to diversity. Have you seen their transparency dashboard? The team is an open book about what they have going on.

One more cool thing about Buffer? They are a completely remote team! They manage to do so much with their fantastic company, all while having a dispersed workforce. You’ve got to check out this blog!

Must Read Pieces On The Buffer Open Blog

2) OfficeVibe’s Blog

OfficeVibe Blog | 5 Workplace Culture Blogs You Need To Follow

The team at OfficeVibe is stepping up the content marketing game. They have dozens of pages of content, and it’s all very beneficial, in-depth information. They have a ton of excellent material on things like employee engagement, diversity, random OfficeVibe experiments they are running, and more. You should add this to your blog feed reader of choice (I am fond of Feedly!)

I even scrolled back to one of their first articles, “7 Secrets of Google’s Epic Organizational Culture,” and it was terrific, so you know they have their stuff figured out over at OfficeVibe!

Must Read Pieces On The OfficeVibe Blog

3) CultureIQ’s Blog

CultureIQ Blog | 5 Workplace Culture Blogs You Need To Follow

With a name like CultureIQ, it makes sense that this blog made it on my list of workplace culture blogs.

Do you need quick, easy to digest articles that give you the vital info you need to know about subjects that impact company culture? CultureIQ’s blog is a great place to start for any HR leader who wants to absorb information quickly. The CultureIQ team has talked about some cool subjects since they started like performance reviews, wellness, culture, engagement surveys, et cetera.

I encourage you to check out this blog for some valuable information you can use to catch your HR team up to speed. HR is always changing, so any resource that will help your team understand new concepts/ideas is welcome.

Must Read Pieces On The CultureIQ Blog:

4) TINYpulse’s Blog

TINYpulse Blog | 5 Workplace Culture Blogs You Need To Follow

Are you dealing with workplace culture issues? TINYpulse is there to help you understand the various components of your company culture. While the company provides surveying tools for HR professionals, their blog is a valuable space you can go to learn about the things that will help you keep your employees happy and prosperous.

Each TINYpulse article leans on excellent research and visual aids that help you understand the topic at hand. You need to check out this blog for some of their great research on the subject of workplace culture.

Must Read Pieces On The TINYpulse Blog:

5) 15Five’s Blog

15Five Blog | 5 Workplace Culture Blogs You Need To Follow

15Five is an excellent website that helps companies master employee feedback every day. This company also has a fantastic blog that helps companies by sharing relevant information about the things that shape company culture like paid time off, one-on-one meetings, company leadership, and more.

The team behind this company has helped countless companies become better versions of themselves through their feedback and goals platform. Even if you aren’t ready to take the leap and check out their platform, their blog is a fantastic and free resource for human resources professionals.

Must Read Pieces On The 15Five Blog:

6. Atlassian’s Work Life Blog

Screen Shot 2019-07-03 at 12.07.58 PM.png

Need even more company culture articles? Check out Atlassian for a ton of helpful, easy to read articles about everything from diversity to teamwork.

I love that Atlassian has a plethora of first hand accounts and op-eds featured on their page like their piece, “What my hair can teach you about UX design.”

If you are looking for a new take on company culture and work life, check out Atlassian’s blog.

Must Read Pieces On Atlassian’s Work Life Blog


There are a plethora of workplace culture blogs out there, and I couldn’t mention every single one. These blogs are a great place to start if you are looking to upgrade your HR knowledge today. As an outsider to this field, I depend on awesome blogs like the ones I’ve mentioned to get me up to speed on the latest HR trends and topics. I love this field, but I couldn’t be a great writer for HR technology companies without the help of excellent content like I shared today.

I am always looking to delve deeper with workplace culture and employee engagement. Do you have any other blogs I should read? Feel free to leave a comment with your best workplace culture reading recommendations!

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