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We all know that content is king, queen, and all the chess pieces when it comes to succeeding online. A successful content strategy can lead directly to you being seen as an expert in your niche; sales for your physical, service, and information based products; and the leads that drive your vision from dreams to reality.

To play ball online, providing free content is a great way to get your customers in the door. Who has time to give that free content when you need to be marketing and creating products for your audience?

That's where I come in.

I can provide stellar medium and long-form articles for your brand's blog so that you can focus on other areas of your business. You leave the blog writing to me so you can concentrate on every additional detail of creating your fantastic biz!

I specialize in writing medium and long-form content for human resources technology companies.

Do you want to share the latest and greatest information with your audience? Are you interested in keeping up with the latest that technology has to offer? I would love to produce stellar content that helps you reach the most important people in any company, your customers!


Ways To Work With Me

Are you sold? Keep reading for several ways to work with me as a writer.

Long-Form Blog Post Packages

Long-form content is all the rage these days. Google gets excited about long-form content, and so do your readers! People want to read informative content that helps them understand complex topics.

I love creating long-form content. Long-form content creation is where I shine. I want to help your content marketing department write content that gets clicked, shared, and ranks on search engines.

This package includes a set of 4 long-form articles. Each article will be 1,500 words long. These articles will give your audience enough to grab on to while giving you some room to expand more with your paid services. In my opinion, 1,500 words is the perfect long-form article. Although, for an additional fee, you can order lengthier long-form articles. I can create long-form articles up to 3,000 words (contact me using the form below for those prices.)

Starts at $900 per month.

Blog Post Series Packages

Content marketing isn’t just about being able to push out article after article. If you genuinely want to build authority, you need to publish multiple articles about the same topics.

With a blog post series, you can prove that you truly know your stuff. A series isn't easy to create, however. Blog post series require you to be creative and dig deep to understand a topic and deliver informative content about it. I love producing stellar blog post series, and I would like to produce one for your business!

With this package, you will receive a 4-part series of blog posts. Each article will be 1,500 words long. These articles will seamlessly flow into each other while giving you content for at least four weeks, depending on how you schedule your series.

Do you want to see how I plan a content series? Check out my article on planning a blog post series that’s informative and helpful.

Starts at $1,000 per series.

Custom Content Marketing Packages


Do you need something other than the three content marketing packages I have proposed? You are in luck; I can also work with you on any custom packages you need! My rates are around $.15 per word depending on the services you need and how long you’d like to work together.

Creating a custom package with me is easy! Just let me know what you need, and I can come up with a rate based on my current pricing. I will let you know exactly how I am calculating my rate when it comes to the custom content marketing package you need.

I encourage you to use the button below if you have any special circumstances such as needing more than eight blog posts per month, needing a specific word count I don’t talk about, needing extra services like social media curation, et cetera.

One-Off Blog Post Writing

Don’t need a content marketing package? No problem! I can help you create long-form content on an as-needed basis. One-off blog posts are the perfect solution for testing out a content marketing package or filling in when you need some extra help writing content as a business. I am here to help you create content when you need it.

When you contact me about one-off blog post writing, we can discuss your needs over email, phone, or Zoom to see what you need from me. Let me know if you are looking for one-off blog post writing as a test for a content marketing package or as extra help for your content marketing department.

Starts at $.15 per word.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have more questions about what working with me is like? Check out some of these frequently asked questions.

How long does it take you to write content?

I am not a content writing machine, so sometimes it takes me a bit to finish content. Usually, I will give you a timeline of a week by default, but it depends on the topic at hand and how much research I have to do. If you assign multiple topics at once, though, I can usually fit that into the span of a week without any issues. Also, if we work on a content marketing package, we can work together more closely. With content marketing packages, I may give you content weekly, or you can get all of your content at the middle or the end of the month.

Do you require a byline?

While I love my clients who have given me a byline in the past, it’s not a requirement. I understand that your blog may be incapable of providing proper bylines, or you may choose to give someone else on your team a byline instead of me. That’s okay! I will never turn down the opportunity to get a new byline, but it’s not a requirement for working with me.

Can you post blogs on our website?

Each client has a different way of working with me. For some clients, I post articles myself; for others, I share the content via Google Drive, and they post it. I am comfortable using a variety of content marketing platforms like Wordpress, Hubspot, Medium, and Forestry. If I don’t know your current system, I am a fast learner. Clients who have wanted my help posting in the past have recorded a quick video sharing how to post using their back end, or they hopped on a quick Zoom call to show me. So, depending on the relationship we built together, I can post blogs directly to your website, or you can do it yourself.

Do you do anything with search engine optimization?

I love learning more about SEO and Google. I can optimize your content for keywords if you have keyword ideas in mind. I know where to place them and how to create content that ranks if that’s something you need from a content marketing writer.

Who comes up with topic ideas?

I am a creative person, so I can come up with topic ideas if you aren’t sure what you want. On the other hand, many of my clients come up with their content ideas and send them my way. I also have clients who give me a rough outline of the types of stuff they’d like to cover but give me the creative freedom to come up with exact topic ideas. It’s all up to you!

Do you ever create content outside of HR Tech?

HR Tech is my main niche, but I occasionally create content outside of HR Tech. If you are interested in my writing skills and you can pay at or around the rates I require, definitely shoot me an email. I have experience writing about topics like marketing, blogging, freelancing, higher education, lifestyle, fashion, and more. When I am not creating content for clients, I run a lifestyle blog where I frequently talk about these topics. I also have samples in all of these niches available upon request.

Where are you based?

I am based in The Natural State, AKA Arkansas. Being based in Arkansas means I am in the United States, and I am on Central Standard Time.

Can you work on other projects like eBooks or social media?

While I mainly work on medium or long-form blog content, I have also helped clients write social media and eBooks. If this is a project you’d like to tackle, send a message, and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

My content can help your business soar.

I am here to help support your content creation endeavors. Whether you want my name attached to your content or you want ghostwritten content, I can help you excel online. My posts can be a continual source of traffic for your brand once you post my content, share it on multiple sites like Pinterest and Google, and find ways to make your website visible online.

I have written multiple articles with thousands upon thousands of shares. If my content can do that for my blog, I know that it can do it for your blog too!