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Do You Want A Visible Brand? 7 Reasons To Create Valuable Content To Stand Out Online

Creating valuable content is imperative whether you are a business, a blogger, or a freelancer. Basing your brand on bringing value to your audience will create lifelong connections that help your business thrive.

If you are not focusing on creating value for your audience, why would you expect them to invest in your brand?

The relationships that you build on the internet are all about 70% give and 30% take. When it's time to take your 30%, will you have an audience that is primed and ready to bite on your offer?

Let's chat further today about why creating valuable content is so crucial for your brand:

Do You Want A Visible Brand? 7 Reasons To Create Valuable Content To Stand Out Online | Click through to learn about why creating valuable content will help your brand succeed and connect with potential customers online.

1. Valuable Content Helps You Build Authority

Why should your audience know, like, and trust you? What have you done for them lately? Awards, testimonials, and your resume add legitimacy to your brand, but one of the best ways to create authority is through thought leadership.

Creating valuable content is excellent for helping your audience understand your value, worth, and authority on a topic.

We live in a "try before you buy" economy, especially when it comes to services, so your audiences need to trust your authority before they purchase from you.

Create content that answers your audience questions, you don't have to go into a terrible amount of detail, but you also need to provide something for them to grasp on to. If you are merely giving them 200 words of fluff, don't expect them to come knocking down your door for what you are offering them.

Create simple listicles with an introduction, 3-10 main points, and a closing paragraph. All of my articles follow this format because it helps the audience get some key takeaways, and it enables you to focus on multiple aspects instead of getting too invested in just one. Likely you have more to say than you would ever showcase in a single list article, so your audience can start with your listicle, and reach out for more of your fantastic tips and tricks.

2. Valuable Content Helps You Increase Your Site's Search Engine Optimization

It's harder to rank sales and product pages on Google. It's not impossible, but it's just a bit harder, especially if that's all your brand has to offer.

Google is a great platform for your blog because people go to Google looking for solutions. They have a question, and you can create content that solves those problems for potential customers.

When you put content out there that Google can grab on to, you can increase traffic on your blog, and if your blogs are optimized to create leads, you will get plenty of those too.

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3. Valuable Content Helps Create Engagement On Your Site

Engagement can have a massive impact on your business, especially if you are a blogger. Are people skipping over your content without sharing or commenting on it? You may need to offer more valuable content.

Engagement is far from everything for brands; some people just don't like to comment on things.

On the other hand, a great content strategy can make it a tad bit easier to create engagement, and that's always a great thing. If you give value and provide stellar questions, your content should warrant some form of response. Get that out of your audience by providing them with content that matters to them.

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4. Valuable Content Brings More People To Your Site

Let's think of your customer's journey as a pyramid.

Most of your customers won't go past the awareness and consideration phase. It takes a lot of value and the right offerings to get people to try out what your brand has to offer them.

If you want more trial, repeat, and loyal customers--you are going to need to bring in more customers to your site.

The more potential customer's that visit your site, the more customer's will potentially make their way up your customer journey pyramid.

The valuable content that you create will help you get more people to start the process of working with your brand. If your valuable content is hooked up correctly to your sales funnels, having more people on your site will directly correlate with more people going through your customer journey pyramid.

Understanding The Customer Journey's Relation To Valuable Content

Your customers will come to your site for the valuable content that you have to offer, they may sign up for your email list, and then with time and contact, they may decide to try out a few of your lower priced services.

The customer journey takes time, and your valuable blogs, podcasts, or videos are likely the first step that anyone will take with you and your brand.

5. Valuable Content Gives Your Brand Multiple Touchpoints With Potential Customers

If the only thing that is located on your site is a bunch of sales pages, how will potential clients and customers genuinely get to know you? Often, customers need a lot of touchpoints with your brand before they decide to purchase something.

In fact, it is known that consumer's often need to be exposed to your message several times before they decide to purchase something.

If you can create those touchpoints through valuable content in the form of blog posts, podcasts, videos, emails, etc. your audience will begin to see the value in your work.

Valuable content will consistently bring potential customer's back to your website over time to see what you have going on. Then you can take the low and slow approach to winning over more customers with time.

6. Valuable Content Helps You Understand Your Audience's Needs/Wants

When you create valuable content, your audience will begin to show you exactly what they need to succeed. They may showcase it by commenting on the post, sharing the articles you write, or emailing you directly with their questions.

The content that you create today can have a significant impact on your future content and paid offerings. Once you get to know your audience better, you can create content and paid products that are specific to their needs and wants.

This will help you create repeat customers who are loyal to your brand and all that you do.

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7. Valuable Content Is More Sharable Than Product And Sales Pages

No one is sharing your sales pages, at least not at first. You need more loyal customers before you get to the point where people are sharing your sales pages. People share the blogs that you create, not your contact page, your media kit, or your course sales page.

When people read a valuable blog post, they automatically want to share it with other people in their lives who might find it valuable too. The same goes for a valuable podcast, video, etc. Valuable content that people can relate to spreads like wildfire online.

Your sales page might be the most magnificent sales page known to man, but the likelihood that someone will share it just to share it is low. Create content that resonates with your ideal customers, though, and they will push your website for you!


Creating valuable content for your brand is a great way to make your brand stand out online. We are just beginning to see the wave of businesses understanding the value of content creation, and there is still plenty of room at the table for your business to succeed with content marketing.

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