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Quick Tip Tuesday: 5 Strategic Ways To Increase Your Twitter Reach

Welcome to the series Quick Tip Tuesday! In this series, we are going to keep it short, sweet, and to the point with a couple of tips that can help you create some wins for your business online. Today's topic is how to increase your Twitter reach.

Twitter was founded on March 21st, 2006 and it has quickly become a staple in the social media world because it forces you to be quick and intentional with your messaging. In recent years, Twitter has allowed users to create more robust messaging through the recent increase to 280 characters and the fact that you can more easily create Twitter threads with their tools.

The keys to increasing your Twitter reach are repetition, taking up space, and using the various tools Twitter gives you to connect with new people.

Let's dive into how to increase your Twitter reach.

Quick Tip Tuesday: 5 Strategic Ways To Increase Your Twitter Reach | Increasing the reach of your Twitter profile is crucial, but how do you get your tweets seen by more people? Click through for five strategic ways to increase your Twitter reach!

1. Use Relevant Pictures

Pictures take up space on Twitter and bring attention to your tweets. If you want to increase your Twitter reach, you need to take up as much space as possible. A colorful picture expands your reach by drawing people's eyes to the image and taking up space on the screen. Make sure you are adding pictures as appropriate with your tweets.

2. Use Trending Topics

The next thing that you can do to increase your Twitter reach is using Twitter's trending hashtags. Twitter has a ton of hashtags used throughout the day, and they tell you what's trending every day.

Twitter often plays around with the trending section so sometimes you have to tell them that you specifically want nationwide trends. Otherwise, they may serve you trends based on your specific location and who you follow which isn't always great for creating national reach.

To the right is an example of the United States trends happening a few hours ago.

When it comes to using trending hashtags and content, you HAVE TO BE RELEVANT.

Don't just post to these hashtags with "Our company is great #SoftenAFilmTitle." Be funny (WHEN RELEVANT), be engaging, and pick hashtags that genuinely speak to your company. I would stay away from tragedies unless it truly fits your brand because you never want to come off as using a tragedy to get a leg up for your company.

If you use this as a way to increase your Twitter reach you will find that not every trend will be for you and that is completely fine. Does the hashtag speak to who you are as a company? Then you should use it. If it does not, you should not have it as a part of your Twitter strategy.

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3. Share Your Content Multiple Times

The third way to increase your Twitter reach is to share content multiple times. Twitter is frustrating. According to Internet Live Statistics (which has a lot of cool visual information on Twitter tweets), there are about 6,000 tweets sent per second on Twitter. That is a ton of tweets! With this number in mind, that would mean that per minute there are around 360,000 tweets sent.

Your tweet will not last on Twitter. Moz analyzed the tweets of 2,126 Twitter users. It found that the lifespan of most tweets as far as RTs were concerned was 18 minutes or less. Some users obviously were able to extend this, but most people weren't able to do so.

Not all hope is lost, you just have to understand this number and post your messages frequently. Never share once and give up when you don't automatically get a viral tweet!

4. Attend Twitter Chats

I love Twitter chats because they allow you to connect with a small subset of Twitter users on a deeper level.

There are Twitter chats for almost every subject, and your brand can create a Twitter chat if you are interested in doing so!

Twitter chats usually take place over an hour. The Twitter chat moderator creates a hashtag for their conversation, asks users questions based on a theme for that week, and engages with users who answer the questions with relevant responses.

If you want to increase your Twitter reach with relevant audiences, Twitter chats are the way to go!

5. Tag Relevant Accounts In Your Tweets

Last, but not least, tag relevant accounts in your tweets to increase your Twitter reach. How does this work? Well, it increases your chance of being RT'd if the company that you tag likes what you have to say. Don't just tag random companies, instead tag companies you adore or have mentioned in a post on your blog.

You never want to tag random companies or Twitter users for no reason because that never works out the way that you want. Instead be strategic and pick users that have a reason to respond to you.


Twitter, while fast-paced, can be an excellent place for your brand to reach a new audience.

You can increase the reach of your tweets by adding these tips to your Twitter strategy repertoire.

What are you doing daily to increase your reach?

PS: Do you need stellar content to share on Twitter? Let's chat about how I can help your brand!