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10 Things To Share On Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories can be a great way to humanize your brand and connect with your audience, but what do you share there? Today I am going to give you ten things that you can share on your Instagram Stories right now to engage your audience and give yourself some Instagram Stories content.

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1. Before & Afters

Are you an editing master? Are your Lightroom presets everything? Do you love Color Story? Share a before and after for your latest Instagram post on your Instagram Stories. If you feel so inclined, tell your followers what you used to edit your picture and more about your editing process in general. I love seeing how people take a lackluster or ordinary image and turn it into a neat Instagram work of art. The camera you use and then the editing can make such a difference in pictures.

2. Picture Outtakes

Speaking of pictures, we all have those moments during our blog photo shoots. You know, the moment when we take a super awkward or blurry picture (but it's still somewhat cute, except for the obvious outtake part of it.) Share that with your audience on Instagram Stories! It's okay to laugh at yourself and have some blogger outtakes every blue moon. Not every picture we take can end up on our Instagram feed.

3. Hauls & Product Recommendations

When I get a lot of products in one day, I love to do a quick haul with all my products! Setting up my camera to film an entire haul is a lot of work, but it's so easy to prop up your iPhone to shoot a quick Instagram haul.

Conversely, you can also share some product recommendations of things you have laying around the house. Got a morning skincare routine you swear by? Gather all those products and showcase that to your audience on Instagram Stories. You can even share something as simple as your favorite mid-morning snack. It doesn't have to be complicated.

People are always looking for new things to try so your Instagram Story recommendations can be beneficial.

4. Day In The Life

People are nosy, y'all. They want to see what you are doing throughout the day, so take your phone with you and record all the various things you are doing throughout the day.

Be sure to check in with Instagram Stories every two hours or so. You don't want your day in the life to be your morning and night. Not forgetting that you are filming is one of the hardest parts of doing a day in the life Instagram Story. You want to make sure that you don't leave your peeps hanging!

5. Snippets Of Cool Events

Are you heading to a concert, convention, or even an art installation? Share pictures and videos from your time at the venue with your audience. People love to hear speakers, hear clips of songs, and get the experience of being at a place through your lens.

If you are going to events like that, be sure that you take the time to share some snippets of that event throughout your time there. Pay attention as much as possible, and don't focus too much on Instagram. If you do remember to take a few frames for Instagram Stories though, that's always fantastic! Alternatively, you can take some clips throughout the night and upload them when you get back home.


6. Favorite Songs

I am a total music lover (I am listening to Pretty Lights right now while writing this article.) If you are a fan of different types of music, don't be afraid to share your recommendations with your audience via your Instagram Story. I particularly like doing this when I am sharing my blog posts, but with iPhone's new screen recording feature, you can quickly do this while sharing other things with your audience. You can also use Spotify's new integration with Instagram Stories to share songs and playlists with your audience.

Another way to do this is to share a screenshot of what you are listening to (just a picture, no music) but I find that listening to a snippet of the song seems like a much better music recommendation.

7. Account Recommendations

It's always great to share the love! If you have an Instagram account that you can't get over lately, share it with your audience. This can be a great way to forge a relationship with your favorite account while also providing content for your Instagram Story.

This can be done on Follow Friday, but honestly, you can do it any day of the week. Share why you love the account so much and why your audience needs to check them out.

8. Quick Tips

Whether you are in the fashion niche, the blogging about blogging niche, or any niche in between--you have some tips! You can even recycle your quick advice from a blog post you have done in the past. There is no rule that it has to be a new tip that you come up with.

Share a few frames where you share your quick tip and elaborate on it. Then you can download your Instagram Story and use it at a later date on your blog or other social media platforms!

9. What's On The Blog

Share your latest few posts with your audience on your Instagram Story. Your Instagram Story viewers may not know you have a blog or they may not have checked it out in a while. So, use your Instagram Stories to drive traffic to your blog, bonus points if you have the swipe up feature!

10. Inspirational Talk Or Quote

Last, but not least, motivate your readers with an inspiring talk or quote. Whether you are inspiring someone to get out of their comfort zone with their clothing choices or to make investments in their education, inspirational quotes can work for a variety of niches.

Share this as a quote graphic, or hop on your Instagram Stories and talk about your inspirational quote for a few frames. Getting on Instagram Stories yourself will increase the connection that you have with your audience, but either way you share your quote, you will make an impact on your audience.


There you have it: ten things you can share on your Instagram Stories. With these ten things in your back pocket, you should be able to share a variety of things on your Instagram Stories, so they are never dry or routine.

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