Amanda Cross Co. | Freelance Writer For HR Tech Companies


Here are what some of my clients have said about my work in the past: I worked with Kathleen on several articles about HR tech, employee engagement, workplace culture, and more. Here is what she had to say about our work together:

"Amanda is a pleasure to work with and writes great copy that has a friendly, approachable tone. She is always on deadline and communicates openly. She is a talented copywriter with a knack for research and digging into the 'meat' of a content topic. I look forward to working with her in the future!"

I worked with Dawn on multiple articles for her website around small business, social media, marketing, etc. Here's what she had to say about working with me:

"Amanda has been very dependable, reliably producing quality content for us. She's particularly strong when it comes to writing about social media marketing."

I worked with Kristen on a couple of long-form marketing blog posts, here is what she said about working with me on these posts:

"Amanda is reliable and available and puts sincere effort into all of her work. She has a passion for marketing and adds personality to her writing."

I worked with Janelle on a set of emails to showcase the podcasts she has worked on, here is what she said about working with me on this project:

"Amanda did an excellent job. Not only did she complete the project on time and according to spec, but she also took it upon herself to do the requisite research so that she would write in the appropriate tone for my audience. She's a self-starter and a great communicator. I'm very satisfied and would definitely work with her again."

I've worked with Jonathan multiple times on blog posts related to improving your office. Here is what he had to say about the work I turned into him:

"Great work and easy to work with. Amanda needs very little direction and comes back with great results."

I worked with Annaliza on multiple short-form blog posts and Instagram captions to showcase her vintage event rentals business. Here is what she said about my work:

"Amanda is amazing to work with. Very quick to respond, professional and friendly!"

I worked with Andrew to create a blog post all about Instagram marketing. Here is what he had to share about my blog post:

"Stellar work. Amanda was fast, intuitive, and delivered a great product. I would definitely work with her again."

I worked with Stephen to write a long-form article all about course creation, here is what he said about my article and work ethic:

"Amanda had great communication and provided a well-written article in a timely fashion."

I've worked with Sarah on a few pieces about social media automation and using Canva. Here is what she said about me after working with me for a second time:

"This is my second time working with Amanda, and I'm already looking forward to the next! She's great to work with and is consistent with her quality, communication, and adherence to deadlines. Highly recommend."

I have worked with Joshua several times to create multiple articles in the human resources space for an employee engagement app he does marketing for. Here is what he said about just one of the pieces we have worked together on:

"Amanda did a great job with not only getting the work done on time, but she goes above and beyond with the quality of work. The article was exactly what I was looking for!"

I worked with Michelle to create a post about ways to monetize a niche blog. Here is what she had to say about my work:

"Fantastic experience. Amanda completed the work before the deadline, and the writing is top quality! I am impressed with both the personality in the text and how closely all guidelines were followed. I'll definitely be back for more of Amanda's content."

I worked with Sam to create an article about how to bounce back from a poor grade in college. Here is what he had to say about the article that I wrote:

"I really enjoyed working with Amanda. She took the time to make sure she understood the style and direction we wanted to go with the article and then turned around a great article right on schedule."