The Seven Pillars Of Content Marketing Success As An HR Technology Company

Get The Pillars To Content Marketing Success As An HR Tech Company

Creating consistent content can be one of the most challenging things to do if you decide to invest in content marking as an HR technology company. Before you begin your business blog, I want to share seven pillars to content marketing success as an HR technology company.

In this eBook you will learn stuff like:

  • What questions you need to ask to get to know your audience.

  • Why creating consistent content is the key to growing your HR technology brand.

  • How to format your articles, so they are digestible, and why it matters in the first place.

  • Everything you need to create goals for your blog that goes beyond blog post traffic

  • How to develop SMART blog goals.

  • How to find your company’s blogging voice so you can speak to your audience and outsource the content creation process.

  • The importance of content marketing and repurposing your content across sites and company social media profiles.

  • Why you should use internal data to inform your content creation process so you can build authority and trustworthiness in your product.

We cover so much in this 17-page eBook! This eBook is easy to finish in one sitting, but it gives you 20+ links to read so you can learn more information as well as questions and ideas to get your brain turning.

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Pillars To Content Marketing Success As An HR Technology Company