We all know that content is king, queen, and all the chess pieces when it comes to succeeding online. A successful content strategy can lead directly to you being seen as an expert in your niche; sales for your physical, service, and information based products; and opportunities beyond your wildest imagination.

To play ball online, providing free content is a great way to get your customers in the door. Who has time to give that free content when you need to be marketing and creating products for your audience?

That's where I come in.

I can provide stellar medium and long-form articles for your brand's blog so that you can focus on other areas of your business. You leave the blog writing to me so you can concentrate on every additional detail of creating your fantastic biz!

I specialize in writing long-form content for human resources technology companies.

Do you want to share the latest and greatest information with your audience of human resources and management personnel? Are you interested in keeping up with the latest that human resources technology has to offer? I would love to produce stellar content that helps you reach the most important people in any company, the ones hiring great people!


Service Package Options:

Let me help you with your entire content strategy! I have a few different package options that you can choose from. These are starting rates, so be sure to contact me if you’d like more information based on your exact needs as a company or content creator.

Long-Form Blog Post Packages

Long-form content is all the rage these days. Google gets excited about long-form content, and so do your readers! People want to read informative content that helps them understand complex topics.

I love creating long-form content. Long-form content creation is where I shine. I want to help your content marketing department write content that gets clicked, shared, and ranks on search engines.

This package includes a set of 4 long-form articles. Each article will be 1,500 words long. These articles will give your audience enough to grab on to while giving you some room to expand more with your paid services. In my opinion, 1,500 words is the perfect long-form article. Although, for an additional fee, you can order lengthier long-form articles. I can create long-form articles up to 3,000 words (contact me using the form below for those prices.)

Starts at $600 per month.

Authority Building Content Packages

Do you want to build your authority in your niche? I get it, as an entrepreneur or company you can’t rely on your website alone to establish influence.

With this package, I will help you craft authority on and off your website with eight pieces per month. Here’s what you get with this package:

  • 4 Long-form blog posts of 1,500 words each.

  • 4 Medium-form blog posts of 750 words each.

You can use the long-form blog post articles on your website to build up your content archive. You can use the medium-form blog posts on sites like LinkedIn or Medium. Alternatively, you can use them as guest posts on other sites you’d like to build authority on.

The authority building package is perfect for any business that would like to be seen as an expert in their field with content marketing.

Starts at $1,000 per month.

Blog Post Series Packages

Content marketing isn’t just about being able to push out article after article. If you genuinely want to build authority, you need to publish multiple articles about the same topics.

With a blog post series, you can prove that you truly know your stuff. A series isn't easy to create, however. Blog post series require you to be creative and dig deep to understand a topic and deliver informative content about it. I love producing stellar blog post series, and I would like to produce one for your business!

With this package, you will receive a 4-part series of blog posts. Each article will be 1,500 words long. These articles will seamlessly flow into each other while giving you content for at least four weeks, depending on how you schedule your series.

Do you want to see how I plan a content series? Check out my article on planning a blog post series that’s informative and helpful.

Starts at $800 per series.*

*This fee includes the $50 post ideation fee.

Custom Content Marketing Packages


Do you need something other than the three content marketing packages I have proposed? You are in luck; I can also work with you on any custom packages you need! My rates vary between $.10 to $.15 per word depending on the services you need and how long you’d like to work together.

Creating a custom package with me is easy! Just let me know what you need, and I can come up with a rate based on my current pricing. I will let you know exactly how I am calculating my rate when it comes to the custom content marketing package you need.

I encourage you to use the button below if you have any special circumstances such as needing more than eight blog posts per month, needing a specific word count I don’t talk about, needing extra services like social media curation, et cetera.

Additional Services

Here are some additional services that you can purchase from me:

Post Ideation

If you would like post ideation for your content packages, that will cost you $50 more per package. Brainstorming ideas for new blog posts based on your website is a difficult thing for me to do every month, I would love to collaborate on this, but it will require an extra fee.

Starts at $50 per blog post package.

The series package already includes the post ideation fee.

À la carte Blog Post Writing

I understand that content packages won’t help everyone! If you need one-off content writing done, I can help you with this. Contact me using the form down below about a la carte blog post writing options.

Starts at $.15 per word.

Pre-Written Articles

At Amanda Cross Co., I am always writing. I will be selling pre-written articles to companies and entrepreneurs at .10 per word. Check out what I have to offer at the moment by clicking the button below.

Ask A Freelance Writer Consultation Services

Are you ready to start taking your blog content seriously? I know that getting involved online can be scary, and I want to help you navigate the ever-changing world of creating content online. I’ve been producing content online since 2011, and I have done a ton of experiments to connect with my audience. I want to help you grow too! I can answer questions on things like:

  • Producing amazing, long-form content with ease.

  • Creating an SEO presence for your website.

  • What it takes to build a successful Pinterest presence.

  • Working with freelancers to build your content database.

  • Picking a posting schedule you can stick to.

  • And so much more!

With this ask a freelance writer consultation service, I will be there to help you on the phone for an hour as well as give you a week of email support so you can answer any other lingering questions. This consultation service is also a great way to get to know me better if you are thinking of hiring a freelance writer for your website.

Starts at $250 for one hour pick my brain session plus a week of answering your questions via email.

If you need more support, we can work on a different arrangement for you!

Plan One Year Of Content (2).png

My content can help your business soar.

I am here to help support your content creation endeavors. Whether you want my name attached to your content or you want ghostwritten content, I can help you excel online. My posts can be a continual source of traffic for your brand once you post my content, share it on multiple sites like Pinterest and Google, and find ways to make your website visible online.

I have written multiple articles with thousands upon thousands of shares. If my content can do that for my blog, I know that it can do it for your blog too!