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Do you need help with the strategy behind your business blog?

We all know that investing in content marketing is the way to go, but what if the thought of content marketing is scary? Putting your business out there opens you up to a lot of opportunities, and I want to make sure you are ready for it. Keep reading to see how my consultation services can help you build a better business blog.


Are you struggling with the very act of starting your business blog? You know your business should invest in content marketing, but you aren’t sure where to begin. I can walk you through the process of starting your blog, picking topics, writing content, et cetera. With my help, you’ll be getting your business blog off the ground in no time!


Talking to an empty room isn’t fun. When your blogs are barely getting any views, they can feel useless. I can share some tips and tricks on getting more eyes on your content. We can talk about how to use social media, search engines, and your network to grow your blog. You don’t have to hear silence on your blog anymore.


You’ve got the growth, but how do you convert readers into email list signups and customers? I’ve got you covered because we can talk about connection. I can cover the missing link between content marketing and sales, analyze your content, and find ways to make you more money with the content you create. After all, the content is a marketing technique. We want the sales that go along with that.


Are you ready to get started? The investment for my consulting services is $100 per hour. We can chat on the phone, Zoom, or Google Hangouts Meet. Whether you want to talk on the phone or have a video conference, I can be there for you and your business.

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