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Quick Tip Tuesday: How To Be Consistent With Content Marketing In Your Business

So you want to be consistent with content marketing, huh? Today's Quick Tip Tuesday post is all about helping you set up the systems in your company's content marketing practices, so you can stay consistent and keep getting a budget for content marketing.

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Quick Tip Tuesday: How To Be Consistent With Content Marketing In Your Business | Do you struggle with consistency in your content production? Today's blog post is all about how to stay consistent with your content marketing strategy through creating templates, hiring freelancers, promoting your content, and more.

1. Start With A Fantastic Foundation

If you want to remain consistent with content marketing, you need to start with a fantastic foundation. Before you launch your business blog, have a month of blog posts ready to go. This is an excellent practice because it helps you focus on the initial promotion and audience building that you need to succeed in content marketing. You should be creating content during this time, but this will help you make sure you aren't flying by the seat of your pants during your first month.

2. Create Templates For Your Content Marketing Efforts

You don't have to create things over and over in business to stay consistent with content marketing. Templates can help you severely when it comes to creating future content. Here are a few templates you can produce for blog posts:

  • Blog Post Outline Template: Maybe you will be doing a few main types of content (we talked about a bunch of content ideas last week). Go through those content pieces and create outlines that you and your team can follow as you outline each article idea.

  • Content Upgrade Templates: Content upgrades are a great way to add new email list subscribers. Maybe you want all of your e-books, email courses, etc. to look the same. If so, create a template for those pieces of content.

  • Blog Post Image Templates: Your Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, etc. promotion images should be plug and play. You shouldn't have to recreate pictures over and over. Create image templates that you can go into for every blog post and update without overhauling the entire look of each post.

  • Blog Promotion Strategy Template: As we will talk about in a minute, your promotion strategy is critical. Create a template for blog post promotion that anyone can follow whether you do it, or you hire someone else to do it.

3. Accept Guest Posts & User-Generated Content

You and your team don't have to write every piece of content on your blog. If you have built a pretty engaged following, you can begin asking for guest posts and utilizing user-generated content. This is a great way to fill up your content calendar with roundups of customers and guest posts from influencers in your niche.

Make sure that anything you publish lives up to the content that you would typically publish on your own. Many guest posters want to get as many posts out as possible so they can get backlinks, but this does not always equate to valuable blog content!

4. Hire A Freelancer To Take Over Content Production

Having a freelancer or remote contractor can help you stay consistent with content marketing. You may be paying a freelancer to create content for you, but if you promote content the right way, you can make a lot of money and grow readership from each freelancer written post.

So, how does a guest poster differ from a freelancer? Well, for starters, you pay freelancers. Freelancers are often more loyal, and you don't always have to give them a byline on your website (unless you want to do so.) Guest posters have a motive to post on your site; they want to get a backlink to their website! Freelancers have the motive of getting paid and helping you produce content.

Ultimately freelancers are great because they value content for your site over creating content that would appeal to both your audiences like a guest poster would. Most guest posters won't become regular contributors unless your site is bringing them a lot of page views. You pay freelancers, and hopefully, you can create a long-term relationship with them.

A freelancer (or set of freelancers) can take over the entirety of your content production. Then all you have to do once you get your posts is edit, create pictures, schedule, and promote them. If writing is not in your wheelhouse, this ends up being the perfect relationship!

If your company wants to hire other freelancers, they can take over the entire process from writing to content promotion. It's all about who you hire!

I offer freelance writing services, check out my hire me page to learn more about my services, and let's chat if you think we'd work well together.

5. Create A Promotion Strategy

You will be more consistent if you get actual results from your content marketing strategy. People who benefit from content marketing will want to continue content marketing. If your content marketing strategy isn't working, it's hard to convince your boss (or yourself) that you need to put money, effort, and energy into building a content strategy! So, you need to find ways to promote your content.

I suggest looking into Pinterest marketing and building your email list. I adore the courses Pinfinite Growth and List Surge from Melyssa Griffin. Both these courses have helped me grow my presence online, and I know they can help you too! The strategies I learned in Pinfinite Growth helped me build my Pinterest profile for The Happy Arkansan to 9,000+ followers!

Once you have a booming email list and a Pinterest profile that works for you, you will be well on your way to getting results that keep you motivated to write!

6. Don't Bite Off More Than You Can Chew

Keep a consistent schedule.

You should not sign your company up to produce three blog posts a week if you cannot currently deliver that much content.

Keep it simple. Start with one fantastic article a week and work your way up as you can produce more content. Make sure that that article knocks it out of the park. You want your company to become a thought leader in your niche, and you can do this by creating excellent articles, even if you can only produce one piece per week.

Some companies in your niche may be able to produce more content, but you shouldn't worry about them. Keep your eyes on your prize and keep working until you can get where you need to be.


If you want to be consistent with content marketing, you need to create a great foundation and build from there. Content marketing will ignite your business if done correctly, so take your time when starting a blog for your brand.