5 Powerful Ways To Build Authority In Your Niche

Being a trusted authority in your niche is vital in 2018 and beyond. You want your audience to know, like, and trust you; that doesn't happen overnight. Building authority in your niche is still possible, even if your niche is well populated. It does take effort on your end, to position yourself as the go-to person in your niche, though. Today, we are going to discuss five simple, but powerful ways to build authority in your niche.

 5 Powerful Ways To Build Authority In Your Niche | Are you ready to build authority in your niche? Today on the blog, I am talking about five things you can start doing today that will help you become the authority you were always meant to be! #AuthorityBuilding #Networking #Business #BusinessAdvice #Entrepreneur #Solopreneur

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1. Build A Trustworthy Website

If you want to build authority in your niche, you must first create a trustworthy website. When someone visits your site to book you for a speaking engagement or ask you to be their business mentor, how does it make them feel? If you want to be seen as an authority, your site has to position you as one.

So, what does it mean to build a trustworthy website? Focus on the people you have served! People trust the opinions of others after all, especially when they don't know who you are yet.

  • Get testimonials (especially video testimonials!)

  • Share the number of customers served (this is especially significant for product-based businesses)

  • Be open about the amount of something you've generated for other people (pageviews, shares, dollars, you name it!)

Above all else, you want to make sure that people know who you are, who you have helped, and how you can help them.

When you are sharing this on your website, make sure the site matches the information you are sharing. Create a website that's clean (not cluttered!), professional, and easily navigable. Focus on your customer's journey through your website. Use sites like Hotjar and Mouseflow to optimize your user's experience.

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 5 Powerful Ways To Build Authority In Your Niche | Are you ready to build authority in your niche? Today on the blog, I am talking about five things you can start doing today that will help you become the authority you were always meant to be! #AuthorityBuilding #Networking #Business #BusinessAdvice #Entrepreneur #Solopreneur

2. Produce Brilliant Content Across The Web

Content is king. Creating content is a fantastic way to build authority. We consume so much content on a daily basis. You want to be sure that you are creating content that cuts through the noise and provides value.

It's 2018, people! We can no longer create 300-word articles and hope they stick. Instead, we need to invest in producing long-form articles. The problem with long-form content? Some entrepreneurs don't understand that you need to say something.

Here's my suggestion––stick to the good old-fashioned listicle. Why am I such an advocate of the listicle? Simple, it keeps you (and me) on track. For today's article, I started by listing out five ways to build authority. After I created my main points, it was just a matter of filling everything in and forming a conclusion. Now that this post has an outline, I know that my work will say something.

It's easy to create short or long-form content without actually saying anything. Make sure that you are creating content that doesn't waste people's valuable time. Even if you are guest posting or sharing your expertise with someone else's audience, be sure that you have a point to your communication that people can follow.

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If blogs are not your cup of tea, try something like a podcast or videos! You don't have to produce written content, although that is usually the easiest thing to do if you want to build authority in your niche.

Get In Front Of The Audiences Of Other Authorities In Your Niche

If you genuinely want to gain authority, you need to branch out further than the audience you are creating for yourself.

  • Write guest posts for industry blogs

  • Become a guest for a podcast in your niche

  • Do a social media takeover for a popular social media account

  • Present with another person in your niche on a joint venture webinar

  • Host a giveaway with someone in your niche on niche specific products

There are so many ways to collaborate and reach out to people who would love your content while growing your audience.

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 5 Powerful Ways To Build Authority In Your Niche | Are you ready to build authority in your niche? Today on the blog, I am talking about five things you can start doing today that will help you become the authority you were always meant to be! #AuthorityBuilding #Networking #Business #BusinessAdvice #Entrepreneur #Solopreneur

3. Link To Reputable Sources

We have all checked a Wikipedia article for some information about someone famous. We may have even used Wikipedia to start researching a topic in high school or college, even though our professors told us not to. I am guilty of this, at least.

Wikipedia is not a reputable source, though. Anything that can be changed by anyone is not a good source to use.

Now, this doesn't mean that you should only link content written by people with P.h.D.s! We don't all need a Dr. in front of our names to be considered an authority on a topic. You need someone who has a following for knowing what they are talking about.

Think about the leaders and emerging stars in your industry. Link to their content proudly in your posts. You never know, one day they may be linking to the content you write.

I would make it a goal to share 2-3 great articles from outside sources in each piece you produce. Your articles don't have to be a college research papers, but it's always good to back up what you say with further reading for your audience. Make sure all your sources open in a new tab, so you don't disturb your reader's place in your article.

 5 Powerful Ways To Build Authority In Your Niche | Are you ready to build authority in your niche? Today on the blog, I am talking about five things you can start doing today that will help you become the authority you were always meant to be! #AuthorityBuilding #Networking #Business #BusinessAdvice #Entrepreneur #Solopreneur

4. Give Advice Online In Groups And Reputable Message Boards

If you are trying to build authority in your niche quickly, a fantastic way to do so is to give advice to newcomers trying to make it in your industry. Here are a few places you may want to look for questions:

  • Facebook and LinkedIn Groups

  • Quora

  • Niche-Specific Message Boards

  • Reddit

  • Twitter

How To Give Advice And Build Authority At The Same Time

One of the most important things you need to understand when giving advice is that you shouldn't link and run. Even if you have already produced the perfect piece on the topic, don't just drop your link with no explanation. Instead, give that person your #1 tip on the subject. For example, say a new freelancer wanted to know what to do when they were facing a lull in their business. I have an entire post about this topic on my blog, but I want to build trust with this person before I link my content. I might say something like:

Hi (insert their name here)!

I'm a freelancer too! I know how hard it can be to deal with lulls in your freelance business. I have found that the #1 thing I have done to get more consistent work right now is to reach back out to past clients. Instead of focusing on getting new clients right away, go back through your old clients and reach out to them. See if they would like to work on a different project and make sure they know your entire freelancing skillset. For example, maybe they hired you as a blog writer in the past, but you also write social media copy or ebooks. You never know what they may be looking for in a freelancer!

If you want more information on what to do when you have a lull in your freelance business, I wrote an entire post about this topic called 10 Tasks You Can Accomplish When Freelance Business Is Slow! I would love for you to check it out. Let me know if you have any more questions about this topic!

As you can tell, I give actual advice that the freelancer can follow for dealing with a lull in their business. I start with their name, and I empathize with them for a little while.

Now, you should follow this formula in your own way. You don't have to do exactly as I do, but you should always chat with them for a little while before you go right into linking mode with them.

Don't Answer The Same Questions Everyone Else Is Answering

Another piece of advice, answer the questions no one is answering. Don't jump on the post that already has 20 responses. Instead, answer the question that has no replies or only a handful of them. People may look through every response, but by the tenth responses, everyone has already said what needs to be said. Your time is better served as an authority builder by focusing on the questions no one has answered yet.

 5 Powerful Ways To Build Authority In Your Niche | Are you ready to build authority in your niche? Today on the blog, I am talking about five things you can start doing today that will help you become the authority you were always meant to be! #AuthorityBuilding #Networking #Business #BusinessAdvice #Entrepreneur #Solopreneur

5. Speak At Conferences

Last, but not least, let's chat about speaking engagements. Getting your face out there at conferences in your niche is crucial. One thing you must understand, though, is that we can't all speak at big conferences. You have to start somewhere before you get on stages like the HR Technology Conference for instance. There are huge conferences in your niche that you would love to speak at one day, but you need to build your audience and speaking engagement list first.

So, before you get on the big stage, think about the small ones you can occupy. Here are some ideas:

Online conferences in your niche: With the increasing use of webinars, a ton of businesses and entrepreneurs started throwing online conferences. These are cool and likely easier to speak, even though the audience size can be much bigger than a traditional conference in your niche.

City, State, and Regional conferences in your niche: If you want to get out there and attend an actual live event, try smaller conferences in your niche. You may not be able to participate in the national conferences, but you can start with smaller ones that are more local to you.

Overall, you want to speak at as many events as you can. Come up with a few topics that you feel knowledgeable about and come up with a good 30 minute to an hour speech on the topics you love. See if you can find events to pitch speeches too. It doesn't even have to be a conference. You could even start teaching what you are passionate about to local businesses. For example, a speech about Instagram marketing pitched to your local Chamber Of Commerce.

Everyone starts somewhere. As long as you are getting your face out there, you can build authority in your niche.

 5 Powerful Ways To Build Authority In Your Niche | Are you ready to build authority in your niche? Today on the blog, I am talking about five things you can start doing today that will help you become the authority you were always meant to be! #AuthorityBuilding #Networking #Business #BusinessAdvice #Entrepreneur #Solopreneur

Conclusion: Go Build Authority In Your Niche

Now that you are equipped with a ton of ideas for authority building get out there and do it! I am so confident that you can build your authority and reputation in your niche. So, start building your authority today!

If you need help with content creation along the way, don't hesitate to reach out. I would love to work with you to take your expertise and turn it into engaging short and long-form content for your audience to consume. Check out my services and give me a holler if you need my help!

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 5 Powerful Ways To Build Authority In Your Niche | Are you ready to build authority in your niche? Today on the blog, I am talking about five things you can start doing today that will help you become the authority you were always meant to be! #AuthorityBuilding #Networking #Business #BusinessAdvice #Entrepreneur #Solopreneur

Seven Signs You're Ready To Hire A Freelancer

It's time to get down to some serious business, y'all. It's time to consider your first freelance hire. How do you know when you are ready to hire a freelancer? Well, hopefully by the time you finish reading this article, you'll have a clear idea on when you should take the leap and hire some help.

The freelance hiring stage can be a comprehensive and tiresome search, but once you find a freelancer you like, you should hold on to them! Let's chat about what should be happening in your business before you decide to hire out.

 Seven Signs You're Ready To Hire A Freelancer | Are you considering adding to your team with a freelancer? Check out this quick post featuring the seven signs you are ready for a freelancer! #Freelance #SmallBusiness #SmallBusinessAdvice

1. You're Bringing In A Consistent Income

The first sign that you are ready to hire a freelancer? You're bringing in some consistent income. You likely won't be hiring a full-time freelancer as your first hire, but if you want to forge a long-term relationship with your freelancer, you need to pay consistently and fairly.

Hiring a freelancer should be helpful to your brand, but that help comes because of money. If you aren't bringing in a consistent income, you can't expect the freelancer to work off of good faith. You need to be in a financial position to support a freelancer helping you.

If you are genuinely struggling, but you can't afford to hire a freelancer to take over some of your duties, take a good look at:

  1. How you are spending your money OR

  2. How you are spending your time

Chances are you may be falling into a time suck that's making every project draining or you aren't managing the money you make correctly, and you can afford a freelancer by introducing a new budget. Either way, if you fix the issues with your business, you can hire a freelancer when the time is right.

2. You've Got Clients You Want To Work With Knocking Down Your Door That You Can't Help

I want to make a distinction here.

You don't have just ANY clients knocking down your door, you have clients that you WANT TO WORK WITH knocking down your door.

This means you are actively turning away your ideal clients because you don't have enough hours in the day. That's a travesty in my opinion. You should be working with the clients that make your heart sing, not turning them away!

Hire a freelancer to take care of clients you love but have worked with for a while. Make sure you hire the best freelancer, so they are well taken care of in the long run. You don't want this transition to scare off old clients; you want those clients to feel like they are in the best hands! The goal here is to get more clients, not replace the ones you currently have.

3. You've Got More Tasks Than Hours In The Day

When the tasks are piling up, hiring a freelancer is a great way to alleviate your to-do list.

If you have a ton of random tasks that need to be run through, you may want to hire a virtual assistant to take care of some of those tasks for you. You should be able to set up a package with a VA so you can have them on retainer for a certain number of hours each month. With those hours they can help you tackle your ever-growing to-do list.

You shouldn't be continuously in the weeds with your business. Hire out some of those tedious day-to-day tasks so you can focus on strategy, getting new clients, and scaling your business.

4. You've Got Plans And Systems In Place For How To Run Your Business

Freelancers shouldn't run your business.

I know that sometimes you want to hire out a content strategist or an accountant, but I feel like those are better off hired as employees OR hired after you have a strategy or accounting practices in place.

I think that people fail when they expect a freelancer to come in and pick their entire business up by the bootstraps. A freelancer can be very helpful for your business, but they can only do so much for you. It's your business, not theirs.

So, having plans and systems in place will be crucial. You will know when you are ready to hire a freelancer because you will have a lot of your business life together beforehand.

Don't fall into the trap of hiring a freelancer before you are ready to do it. It's okay to take some time with your business, build up these best practices, and then hire the freelancer when you are in a better place. Hiring before you are ready confuses the freelancer, wastes your money, and probably gives you a bad taste in your mouth about freelancers which isn't good for anyone.

 Ready To Hire A Freelancer

5. Your Best Clients Want More Time And Attention From You

As you take on more clients, you may have some standout clients. Maybe one of your clients has a big budget, or they have a massive deadline coming up. You don't have to drop the ball on other clients to respond to clients who need more of your time. You may be ready to hire a freelancer if you feel that you need to spend more time with a select few clients on your payroll.

Hiring out some tasks to some starting freelancers is a great way to get through your to-do list with your clients without turning away clients you have built a rapport with.

Most clients won't mind the fact that you hired out a task, as long as it gets done correctly. Before you hire out the job, you may want to sit down with your client and let them know about this transition. Also, you must give your freelancer a deadline that's well before the project is due to your client, this way you have time to look over what they did and make adjustments as necessary.

When hiring a freelancer to spend time with other clients, you have to be careful and screen who you are hiring. You never want to hire someone who doesn't have your clients best interest in mind.

6. You've Got A Life Transition In The Works

Life transitions take up a ton of energy. Whether you are pregnant, moving across the country, or going back to school, you may be ready to hire a freelancer if you have a significant transition happening in your life.

A freelancer would help relieve some of the stress you are feeling in your life and business around your life transition. You may not be able to spend as much time with your business while planning a wedding or getting ready for a child. Being able to offload some duties while you focus on your life is the best feeling ever.

When hiring a freelancer during a life transition, you need to make sure that you have planned enough to sustain yourself and a freelancer during the transition. You don't want your business to be on the back burner entirely, otherwise, you may not be growing enough to warrant a freelancer. Make sure that you have something for them to do throughout the transition, so you aren't just paying a freelancer for nothing or promising them hours that you can't give them.

7. You're Stuck Doing Things You Hate To Do, But They Help Your Business Thrive

Last, but not least, you may be ready to hire a freelancer if you are stuck doing things you hate to do. These things you hate to do might be helping your business thrive, but you would rather spend your time doing anything else. Examples of this:

  • Guest posting on other people's blogs

  • Scheduling podcast interviews

  • Managing your email inbox

  • Engaging with new people on social media

  • Updating blog post images

Whatever you're stuck doing, you can probably hire it out to someone else. Life is no fun when you have to do stuff all on your own, especially if you don't want to. So, hire a freelancer to take that thing over for you!

Are You Ready To Hire A Freelancer?

Did any of these situations apply to you? It may be time to search for a freelancer for your company! I have all the faith in you that you will find the perfect freelancer soon.

Do you need a freelance writer in the digital marketing, higher education, or human resources niche? Check out my hire me page and contact me so we can chat about my freelance writing services.

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8 Ways To Improve Online Security In Your Company

With a new data breach in the news every month, you need to improve online security in your company. People are beginning to trust companies with their information less, and that is not great for anyone. Today's blog will provide some quick, practical tips to help you increase online security.

 8 Ways To Improve Online Security In Your Company | With a new data breach in the news every month, your company needs to take company security seriously! Click through for a post that will help you improve online security in your company right now! #SmallBusiness #SmallBusinessTips #EntrepreneurTips

1. Update Usernames/Passwords

I know this seems like common sense, but people don't update usernames and passwords often enough.

You should prompt members of your company to change their passwords once every couple months.

Yes, it's annoying, but it also helps your company stay on top of online security.

While you are at it, purge usernames and passwords to your website every blue moon too. That freelancer you worked with six months ago probably doesn't need a ton of access to your site anymore, so you should revoke some access or delete them.

2. Switch To An HTTPS Website

If you want to improve online security in your company, you must switch to an HTTPS website as soon as possible.

Having a secure website will help protect your site immensely, and Google has been taking actions against sites who are still "HTTP" sites for the last year and some change.

I know that getting a security certificate can be a pain, but trust me, confidence in your site will take an uptick, and Google will love your site again.

Check out this post from Google all about why HTTPS matters.

Also, if you'd like more information about what an SSL certificate is and how it impacts your website, I love this guide written by PixelPrivacy that covers the SSL certificate debate in much more detail.

3. Get Security Monitoring For Your Site

The next step to improve online security for your company is to get security monitoring for your site. Security monitoring will make sure that you are alerted if anything out of the ordinary finds its way into the backend of your website.

You may also want to hire someone to maintain your site. Make sure they log in daily to check around, make sure everything is running smoothly, and clean up/update anything that needs it.

Whether you get a person or software to monitor your site, your company webpage will benefit greatly from some extra protection.

4. Add More Admins To Your Site

You should never be the only person with admin access to your website if you want to improve online security in your company.

Whether you have one of your other email addresses added or you have another person on your team added, add a couple of new people to your admin roster.

If you make changes at your company, make sure that you go in to update admin and user status on the backend of your website. You don't want too many cooks in the kitchen, especially if they don't work for you anymore!

5. Use A Password Manager Like LastPass


But, I honestly love using password managers.

I hate remembering passwords and coming up with elaborate passwords for my websites.

LastPass helps me remember all my passwords, and they can come up with hard to crack, complicated passwords with the click of a button.

Password managers like LastPass have had some not so hot news in the past about how they manage the passwords they collect. Overall, though, using LastPass is so much easier than using a piece of paper that you will probably lose.

I love that LastPass has mobile apps and Chrome extensions, so I have to click a few buttons to enter my information across devices.

There are other password manager options out there, but I only have experience with LastPass. Pick the platform that you trust and works for your company though.

6. Don't Try To Handle Malicious Attacks On Your Own

The next thing you want to consider if you're going to improve online security in your company is how you handle malicious attacks. As a business, you have a lot of people depending on your company. Sometimes the best thing you can do for your customers is to hire someone to help you handle malicious attacks.

Don't try to connect with the attackers on your own. This is how malicious attacks turn into more dire situations.

Ask someone in your technology department or hire someone outside your company to help you handle the situation.

7. Alert Customers Of Data Breaches As Quickly As Possible

If you have a data breach, you need to let customers know as quickly as possible.

Knowledge is power and trust.

When you go to your customers about the data breach:

  • Have information about how the data breach happened.

  • Create an action plan featuring how you protected their information after the data breach and what you will do in the future to make sure this won't happen again (as much as you can prevent things like this.)

  • Be understanding if people are frustrated with your company, you breached their data, after all.

  • Provide support for people who experienced negative effects due to your data breach. People trusted you with your data since you betrayed that trust, you need to make up for it.

Data breaches are becoming more common, but that doesn't mean you should feel comfortable with them. If your company wants to handle data, you must hold yourself to a higher standard!

8. Be Wary Of Attachments And Things That You Add To Your Site

Last, but not least, be wary of any attachments you open or things that you add to your site.

Get anti-virus software for your computer so you can check attachments before you open them.

You should also only add plugins or extras to your site that come from reputable sources. Always look at reviews before you add something to your site!

You Are Ready To Improve Online Security In Your Company

This is a simple guide, but this will help you greatly when your company needs to improve online security.

If your company handles sensitive information, you need to be aware that data breaches and other awful online security issues can happen at any moment.

You have to be prepared and ready for to take next steps if something unfortunate were to happen to your data.

Your Task: Create An Action Plan

You should work closely with your technology department to come up with an action plan. What will you do if your data is breached? Come up with an action plan so that you can jump into action as soon as something like this were to happen. You always want to be proactive instead of reactive, so plan for these things today!