My name is Amanda Cross, and I am a freelance writer who is passionate about providing excellent and informative content. I have been blogging on my own since November 2011, and in 2017 I decided that I wanted to help other bloggers and businesses produce written content. We all know that content is king! Bloggers and business owners cannot depend on a few tiny pieces of content to carry their brands online anymore. Sites like Pinterest and Google can provide a whirlwind of customers and readers that will help you reach your dreams online. You need a freelancer who can connect with your audience, create content of all shapes/sizes, and provide it all promptly.

I'm that freelancer.

I have experience with a wide array of blogging platforms such as Wordpress, Squarespace, Blogger, etc. I have experience using different software and sites such as Google Drive, Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Cloud software, and more. I'm always learning and growing my skill set.

I currently focus on providing content in the following categories: higher education, human resources, career, digital marketing, and blogging. If you have a topic you think I might be interested in, send it my way, I am always looking to expand my writing portfolio. I'm a millennial, so I often write for millennial audiences, but I have also written many pieces aimed at an older audience.

I'm a recent graduate school graduate. I got my Master's In Sociology in August 2017 from Arkansas State University. My undergraduate education is a Bachelor's in Sociology with a Criminology concentration is from the University of Central Arkansas.

I cannot wait to work with you on the content your digital brand desires!

10 Random Facts About Me

  1. I am a lipstick junkie. Have a lipstick shade you love, don't hesitate to email me and share it with me, especially if it is a purple or red shade.

  2. I love alternative rock music. My favorite band of the moment is probably The Killers or Silversun Pickups.

  3. I have a Master's degree in Sociology.

  4. I'm not just a writer for other brands, I have a blog online called The Happy Arkansan.

  5. I need Grammarly to survive as I run all of my writing through the service.

  6. I'm a Pinterest fiend and if I am not blogging, I am probably spending time there.

  7. I love to binge watch television shows. My latest binge of the moment is Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

  8. I get excited about getting new board games on Christmas day (and any other time when I am given a new board game to play.) I have been obsessing over What Do You Meme? lately.

  9. I love posting bloopers of myself online. I used to be more self-conscious about myself during photo shoots, but in 2018 I decided to post bloopers, and it has made me so much more confident.

  10. If I could be any animal it would probably be a dog because I mean, who wouldn't want to be an adorable dog?