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Offer: $33 Sample Blog Post

I get it.

Starting a professional relationship with a new writer can be scary. Working on a massive contract before getting to know and talk with a writer can be complicated to navigate.

I want to help ease the tension for you, which is why for a limited time I am offering a $33 sample blog post! This sample blog post will be a 500-word article that you can use on your website even if we don’t end up working together long-term.

Think of this blog post as a test. Before you sign up for one of my content marketing packages, I’ll write a post for you for just $33.

Once the test is over, we go back up to my original rates. I charge between $60-$100 for a typical 500-word article.

Here’s How The Offer Works

  1. Fill out the form below with all the details of the post you want me to complete. Every field is mandatory as I need all of this information to accept or reject the project. If I feel we would work well together, I will accept it. If I am not sure, I may ask more questions about the project. If I know we wouldn’t work well together, I will reject it.

  2. If I accept, I will send you a Paypal invoice for $33. You must pay this before I get started.

  3. Once you pay the invoice, I will confirm that I have received your payment.

  4. From there, you should expect your blog post one week from when you paid the invoice.

  5. After you review the sample, we can communicate on what to do from there. Our next steps may involve hopping on a call, getting the contract started right away, or you deciding to go in another direction. I don’t expect everyone who signs up for a sample to hire me long-term or right away.

The purpose of this sample is for us to communicate and get to know each other before you sign up for any of my more substantial writing services. Don’t be afraid or feel like you are wasting my time if you are still on the fence after.

Sample Content Brief

If we worked together long-term, I could do post ideation for you for an added fee. For this quick project, though, I don’t want to do that. I want you to come with a content brief ahead of time. It doesn’t have to be long. Here’s what that content brief might look like:

I want you to write a post titled “3 Social Media Tools You Need To Use In 2019.” In the post, I’d like you to cover Buffer, Tailwind, and Loomly. My audience is made up of business owners who are looking to ease the social media creation/curation process. They are on a budget, and they want the best bang for their buck. I would like for the blog post to touch on topics like the ease of use of the tool, if they can be used on the go, and the price of the tool.

The more detail you give me, the better. Here’s another idea:

I want you to write a post called “3 Reasons Job Seekers Aren’t Responding To Your Career Website (And What To Do About It.)” In the blog post, I want you to cover the following reasons: your career site looks outdated, you don’t make it easy for job seekers to apply to your openings, and your applicants don’t see themselves working at your company. My audience is made up of employers who are struggling to keep a steady flow of applicants coming. I want this post to help them beef up their career website and utilize our job posting site.

Ultimately how much detail you give is up to you. A small paragraph with more information on the title, what you want me to cover, and your audience will help me write a great post.

Other Potential Questions You Might Have

Can I get more than one article?

No, this is only for one sample/test article. I have clients who actively pay me my original rate, so it wouldn’t be fair to them to offer multiple articles this way.

What niches can partake in this offer?

I am pretty open to the niches who fill out the form, but I may not accept. I have written articles in the human resources, digital marketing, freelancing, higher education, and lifestyle niches. I can write about a variety of topics, and my research skills are excellent. Fill out the form, and I may reject the topic if I feel like I can’t create content for that topic long-term, but I can more than likely accommodate you.

Is there a limit on how many people you take?

Yes. This is a first come, first served offer. I cannot take everyone because I write content for my online presence and I have other clients who deserve my attention. I plan to keep this offer up as long as possible. If I am currently not taking potential clients for this offer, I will let you know up front.

Why do I need to pay in advance for this offer?

Since this is such a small offer, I would rather be paid upfront with this service. When you work with me on a content marketing package, I require a deposit to get started for the first month, and I may require upfront payment depending on what our arrangement looks like. I hope that you can understand my requirements as a fellow business owner.

Fill Out The Form Below To Get Started:

Name *
Give me all the details of the article you want me to write. Give me a title and a short synopsis so I can research the topic.


“Amanda is incredibly reliable. I would give her the overall content strategy and she was able to execute flawlessly with little direction. She would come up with her own original ideas and was able to fit within the format provided without hesitation. She even went above and beyond and was able to post her content via Hubspot on my behalf showing her ability to adapt to different marketing technologies. I highly recommend her for any content or marketing related project.”

“Amanda is a pleasure to work with and writes great copy that has a friendly, approachable tone. She is always on deadline and communicates openly. She has a knack for research and digging into the 'meat' of a content topic to really speak to the target audience and their pains and interests. I look forward to continuing to work with her!”

"Amanda did a great job with not only getting the work done on time, but she goes above and beyond with the quality of work. The article was exactly what I was looking for!"

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