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Pre-Written Articles


Why You Should Purchase Pre-Written Articles

At Amanda Cross Co., one of our many services are pre-written articles. These articles revolve around topics like human resources, career, and digital marketing. These pieces can be purchased directly from this website and start at $50 for 500-word articles. You may be wondering what the purpose of pre-written articles are, and we want to share some information with you about this!


Save Time Producing Stellar Content

Producing stellar content takes a lot of time. If you would like to save time producing content on your own, we have articles here for you. At Amanda Cross Co. we offer unique content packages to fit your needs as an entrepreneur, but we know sometimes all you want is a single article to kickstart your companies content marketing department.

These articles are just as great as the work I do with my own clients, but you can pick them up as you see one you’d like to purchase.


Purchase Articles Only You Have Access To

On Amanda Cross Co., pre-written articles are only sold to one client, you! When you make a purchase of my pre-written content, the price tag shouldn’t be a detractor. You are getting an article written by me, and you should expect that you will be the only person to

Note: My vision is to sell PLR content along with pre-written articles soon. These will be sold to multiple individuals. Make sure that you are purchasing pre-written articles, not PLR content bundles. I will make sure to clearly label each piece as pre-written or PLR, but you also need to do due diligence when purchasing.


Get Articles In Your Hands Faster

Every article that I list on Amanda Cross Co. is already written. There are no surprises or wait times here. Depending on when you order, the blog post could arrive in your inbox as soon as a few minutes. My goal is to get your article into your inbox for first review within 12 hours of purchase.

After you get your article in your hands, you can look it over and tell me where you’d like to see minor improvements. I will get back to you as soon as possible with those updates for your company!