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April 10, 2018

Quick Tip Tuesday: Why I Am Obsessed With G Suite For My Business Email

As an online freelancer, blogger, or entrepreneur you want to be taken seriously. You create content online, and you share that with audiences far and wide. You also get a lot of emails from people across the country and the world. What you don’t need is email clogging up your personal email address, and you don’t want to look unprofessional. This is where G Suite comes in!

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A few years ago I was stuck using the email service that came with my Namecheap account. It connected to the mail app on my phone, and it gave me the sense of professionalism, but the email service quite frankly was clunky, ugly, and it didn’t fit my needs as a blogger.

After I switched my blog The Happy Arkansan to Squarespace, I learned about Google’s email suite for companies, and I fell in love. G Suite was where it’s at!

Quick Tip Tuesday: Why I Am Obsessed With G Suite For My Business Email | Do you need a fantastic email provider for your business? Look no further than G Suite. Today's blog is all about why I love and trust G Suite to be the email provider of my freelance business.

Why Is G Suite So Fantastic?

Here are just a few reasons that G Suite is so great:

You Get A Professional Email Address

Having a professional email address matters.

You can’t build your business with a or account.

Think about it:

You get an email from an employee at a large company like Facebook or Pinterest. That person emails you from their personal account. How likely are you to believe that they work for that company? You will probably laugh at them and send their message straight to spam. That’s why they don’t email you from those kinds of email addresses. Instead, they have an email address with their domain name included.

When you send out business-related emails from someone else’s domain, you look unprofessional and untrustworthy.

When you add your domain to the email address, you look polished. G Suite is the perfect email address provider for companies and entrepreneurs looking to update their professionalism.

You Get All Of Google’s Awesome Tools

We are going to break this all down in a minute with the G Suite comparison table, but you get all of Google’s prized tools. It’s more than just a professional email address when you can utilize things like Google Drive, YouTube, Google Groups, and more.

It’s a worthwhile investment because of all the extras and the cloud storage. Most email service providers cost around the same amount, but all you get is an email address and inbox.

I utilize Google’s tools consistently as a blogger and freelancer, so having the ability to create all these accounts through my professional email address is phenomenal.

You Don’t Have To Pay An Arm & A Leg For It All

G Suite starts at $5 a month, and if you get the annual subscription, it’s only $50 a year for G Suite Basic. That is a steal! Yes, it’s more expensive than free, but the value that you get for the price is fantastic. For example, standard Google accounts have 15 GBs of cloud storage data, but a G Suite Basic account provides 30 GBs, and if you go up to the Business plan you get unlimited cloud storage.

It’s not as expensive as you think it would be to take the leap and get a professional address.

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G Suite Comparison Table

FeaturesG Suite BasicG Suite Business
Cost$5 per user/month$10 per user/month
Cloud-Based Storage Per User30 GBUnlimited
Hangouts MeetYesYes
Hangouts ChatYesYes
Google Drive (Docs, Sheets, Slides, & Forms)YesYes
Cloud SearchNoYes

Do you want a more robust comparison between G Suite Basic & G Suite Business? Google has a great comparison chart on their website so you can pick the best G Suite program for you!

Each G Suite plan gives you different advantages. The more you pay, you get a few of the more advanced features. Most bloggers or freelancers will only need the Basic plan, in my opinion.

There is also an Enterprise plan that starts at around $25 per user/month. For most businesses, that won’t be necessary.

The Bottom Line

You need a professional email address to be taken seriously online. While there are other email services out there, I feel that G Suite offers the best bang for your buck! Not only do you get a professional email address, but you also get all of Google’s best tools. This will set you and your company up for success as you create content online.

You can create as many emails as you would like for a small monthly or yearly fee. Plus, you can sign up for a 14-day free trial, so you can test out all the services before you are charged. Plus, if you pay monthly, you get charged at the end of the month, so likely your first month will be prorated to fit the time you used versus the entire $5.

Overall, I am obsessed with G Suite, and I think it’s the perfect email provider for anyone looking to create a professional email address. Most people have a Google account, shouldn’t your business have one too?

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